Selling Your Home Tip #1: Declutter



Overwhelmingly, when Jeff and I meet with potential sellers, they want to know how to sell for the most money WITHOUT spending a fortune on improvements.  It’s a great question and has a simple answer: get rid of stuff.  It is crucial to declutter your home when selling.


Declutter with KonMari

Organizing maven Marie Kondo and her Netflix show, “Tidying Up,” has inspired people across America to implement the KonMari method by analyzing their belongings and keeping only things that “spark joy.”  She also recommends that you say “thank you” to the items that you’re purging.  Umm…what?  I should talk to my discards?  This tiny, adorable woman, who I can only describe as a cartoon character that’s come to life, is either a lunatic or the smartest woman in the room.

We decided to declutter

After watching a few episodes, we decided to take advantage of the freezing January weather and give her suggestions a try.  We analyzed every piece of clothing and every kitchen tool.  We realized that we don’t need four wire whisks and 14 mixing bowls.  Nor do we need toys that aren’t played with or clothes that don’t fit.  Even if there’s enough room to keep everything, it doesn’t mean you should.

Declutter your way to selling your home.

If you’re considering a move, getting rid of unwanted/unused/unjoyful belongings (before you list your house) is one of the best and most productive projects you can undertake.  Overstuffed closets and overflowing basement shelves will give buyers the impression that your home doesn’t have enough storage space.  Your house will show better to potential buyers and you’ll feel less overwhelmed if everything is in its place.  An added bonus is knowing that it will make your move easier and you’ll only be moving things that you really want to keep.  This means less packing, less unpacking, and maybe even fewer movers and fewer truck trips.  The only investment is your time but the payoff is huge.

Our takeaway

In the end, we didn’t remember to say ‘thank you’ to all of our discards, although we know how fortunate we are to have more than we need.  As for Marie Kondo and her KonMari method?  Pure genius.

For more information on the KonMari method, click here: KonMari Method.