My wife and I were casually looking for a house, found something we liked, and wanted to make an immediate offer. Although I intended to make the offer myself, I decided to skip the hassle and interview a couple of real estate agents (I am a lawyer, but not versed in real estate). We found Jeff – who handles the buyer’s side of the Jen and Jeff Geisinger team – and although he was at a function over the weekend, promptly returned our call and met with us the same day. After speaking with him, we decided to hire him, put in an offer the same night, and never regretted our decision. I admit I am not the easiest to work with – I expect people I hire to anticipate problems, promptly return messages, and be professional. Jeff exceeded our expectations, and my sense is that he truly cares about his clients. For example, the man crawled under a deck to check the flashing during our inspection in the pouring rain. Moreover, the homeowner took a valuable item from the home that I expected would stay. Jeff felt responsible for the missing item, and, after discussing it with Jen, both of them decided to give us a gift certificate to replace the item at the closing. That kind of mea culpa is rare. The real estate agents I have known seem unprofessional, and frankly, I think they make too much money for the service they provide. However, Jeff was worth his commission, even though we found our house before hiring him. Whether selling or buying, I think you cannot go wrong with these real estate professionals.
-Ken M.

Our Response:
It was my honor to assist you in purchasing your home. Don’t be hard on yourself- it was great working with you and you were never demanding. I hope next time we work together I can actually show you some houses and spend more time with you both! Congratulations!

Jen & Jeff are a SUPER TEAM!!!
Together they make sure all your Realestate needs are met beyond your expectations.(Selling / Buying) They helped us sell our home in July and helped us find our new town home in December. Jeff took us at a moments notice to see prospective town homes. They always make sure someone is ready to get you to see what you want as soon as they can.
We had Jeff searching for Condo’s & Townhomes because we are down sizing and preparing for retirement. We had Jeff coming and going and when Jeff was not coming and going with us. Jen jumped right in and we kept her going and coming.
Well between all the excitement and disappointments they never waivered from their upbeat attitude. They always keep your interest first and understand how confusing BUYERS can be. So much inventory its hard to decide and that is why I recommend them because they know buyers and sellers. They pay close attention to your needs and desires in a home. Jeff many times pointed out details in a prospective home that could be detrimental down the road. My wife and I deeply appreciated this attribute in him because as a buyer sometimes cosmetics can get you carried away and you don’t see all the little things that may go wrong.
Example: One home we just loved everything about it cosmetically, room size and layout etc. From the beginning Jeff warned us about his concerns in the basement and help steer us away. Thank goodness he brought it our attention because when I looked closely at his concerns I could see a lot of water damage and mildew.
Well thats my story / AND I AM STICKING TO IT!!!!!!
I want to take this time to thank Jen & Jeff for putting up with all the COMINGS AND GOINGS.
Have a great NEW YEAR!!!!
-Marc A.

Our Response:
Thank you! I enjoyed working with you and I understand that finding a new home can be a stressful endeavor. Jen and I are looking forward to seeing how you make your new house into a home. Congratulations!

Jen sold my parent’s home in Richfield, a small single owner home that they had lived in for 56 years.

Jen did terrifically well for my parents. She developed a strategy for creating a multiple offer situation, helped us set the price to get there, and then handled the potential offers in such a way as to get three competitive bids. My parents ended up with $8000 more than the asking price of the home. We had an agreement within 48 hours of the home going on the market. My parents, who are quite elderly, were thrilled with the outcome. She is a great negotiator, even helping us on smaller issues like the implementation of the new radon laws and the scheduling of the closing.

Jen is very knowledgeable about the sales process and up-to-date on all the latest issues. She worked closely with my brother, my parents and me in August and September of this year. While I had participated in dozens of real estate transactions for work, they were uniformly as a buyer. She was able to help my brother and me to make decisions that ranged from setting the strategy to deciding when to put the home on the market to deciding how much to upgrade and update the home. She was easy to work with, polite and responsive to my parents, and articulate.

I will gladly arrange for her services in the future if I need an agent for any reason (buying or selling) and will recommend her to any and all needing an agent.

Thanks Jen!
-Don P.

Our Response:
It was a pleasure to work with all of you to get their home sold efficiently! I know how much work the family put into prepping the home for sale so I was thrilled with the outcome. Thanks for trusting me to sell your childhood home- I’m sure it was the basement shuffleboard court that brought it right over the top! 🙂

Jen and Jeff are AMAZING!! I can’t say enough wonderful things about them. I felt like I was their only client – they responded to my questions in a very timely manner. Jen even worked on an offer during her vacation time. When I first met them it was after having a bad experience with a different realtor. I explained the issues I had with the first realtor and they listened to me and took note of the things I thought went wrong the first time I tried to sell my house. Then they went through my house and gave me no-nonsense, honest ideas on how to stage the house, and told me what updates I needed to make. I loved the ideas they had and that they really knew what buyers were looking for. Jeff took beautiful photos, and the flyers they put together were very professional. Everything from beginning to end went so smoothly. Not to mention, Jen is an amazing negotiator and was able to sell my house for a great price.

-Michelle Z.

Our Response:
We’re always happy to work with sellers who have taken such wonderful care of their home! We were happy to step in and help you sell so you didn’t have to suffer through another Minnesota winter- I’m sure Wisconsin winters are much better! 🙂 Thanks for choosing us to help you with this transition; it was a pleasure working with you.

The Geisingers helped my husband and I sell our house and purchase our new house.

The whirlwind of the move is finally over and in the past. We have been in our new “forever” home for 3 months now. Before we found a realtor I was already dreading the task of moving a whole household. I have 5 kids, a dog and 2 cats. Yikes! How the heck was I going to do it all: the showings, the cleaning and keeping up, and finding the right new house that fit our long list of needs? Before we found the Geisingers we had met with 2 other realtors. Neither were a good fit for us. We didn’t see eye to eye on the big picture. After that is when I remembered that an old high school friend who I had recently reconnected with on Facebook had mentioned that he and his wife were a realtor team. So, I gave Jeff a call. Turned out to be the best call we could have made.
Jen & Jeff Geisinger were with us through the whole buying and selling journey from beginning to end. They answered every single question and phone call. They were punctual and followed through with every word they said. After the walkthrough of the house we were selling, they helped us come up with a plan to get it ready and get the most we could for our home. When we were ready to look for our own new house, Jeff was able to get us into almost every single one within a day or two. When things started to go south after our buyers had problems with their own mortgage company, Jen fought tooth and nail and spent hours and hours calling and emailing everyone she could to help get the other peoples issues resolved. I can honestly say that I have never had any service provider work as hard for me and my family for anything ever as Jen & Jeff did for us. We could not have done it without them. With their help and expertise we were able to sell our home after only 4 days on the market! I believe this was ONLY possible because of the advice they gave us to get our house ready to sell. We took it to heart and followed through. They are an amazing team. They bring a wealth of knowledge, commitment, optimisum and energy.
I would hire them again in a heartbeat, but I won’t have to since they found us exactly what we were looking for in our new home. We couldn’t be happier. I tell people about the Geisingers every single chance I get. I am confident that you would too.
-Virginia L.

Our Response:
Dear Supermom: We’re not sure how you do it! You have a bustling household with 5 amazing children (and pets), yet you managed to get your house market-ready in a short amount of time and it looked great for every showing. Watching your family pull together and help prep the house was inspiring and we loved working with you. It’s wonderful to see you all in the new house where there is plenty of space for everyone! I know the fenced backyard is one of your favorite features so you can keep all of the little ones contained! We hope you enjoy it for many, many years to come!

Jen and Jeff are amazing. We contacted them a few years ago when we were thinking of selling our house, and they met with us twice, and gave us lots of great information, but we ended up not being ready to sell yet. We contacted them again recently after being offered a job transfer out of state. We didn’t have much time before we needed to move, and Jen and Jeff were extremely accommodating and were able to get our house listed right away. Jen gave us tips on how to stage our home, and Jeff spent a lot of time taking beautiful photos of the interior and exterior of our home. Jen and Jeff are very knowledgable about the current market, and we feel great about the entire process of working with them. They are dependable, professional, honest, and always willing to answer questions! Thank you so much Jen and Jeff!
-Sarah B.

Our Response:
We’re so excited for you to enter this next phase of your lives- and a move to sunnier weather is a perfect way to start! We appreciate you asking us to list your beautiful house! Your beautiful décor combined with willingness to stage made it a pleasure to sell your home. We wish you wonderful things down in Florida!