Selling Your Home Tip #1: Declutter

  Overwhelmingly, when Jeff and I meet with potential sellers, they want to know how to sell for the most money WITHOUT spending a fortune on improvements.  It’s a great question and has a simple answer: get rid of stuff.  It is crucial to declutter your home when selling.

“Do you work a lot in this area?”

    It’s a question we’re asked by many potential sellers when we first meet them.  The question is a valid one but shouldn’t be the only factor when choosing a real estate agent.  Here are some other important questions for potential agents.


Where has winter gone? Did it even hit this year? The good news may be that these 40-degree days are a great opportunity to get outside and wax up my cross-country skis. The bad news is: I don’t think I’ll be needing my cross-country skis this year. Warm weather aside, if you’re thinking about selling

We’re all crazy!

Okay, maybe that’s harsh. What I should have said was “Anyone who thinks they’ll need to move within 5 years but isn’t looking into it now is crazy,” but that was too long for a blog title. And I can’t claim innocence on this one. For the past few years, my husband and I have

I Will Sell This House Today!

[wpvideo TqvKxbFD] If the general population isn’t confused enough about exactly what Realtors® do when they list a property for sale, this gem of a clip from “American Beauty” is sure to be a nail in the proverbial coffin. I’m writing this entry to explain a bit about what we, as Realtors, do and don’t

How to look at houses

Looking at houses may seem like a rudimentary task. Are there really instructions for riding around the neighborhood with your agent and picking your favorite house? Indeed. First and foremost, don’t go house shopping on an empty stomach. Just like a workout, you are going to tire easily when getting in/out of the car, and

Look at the “Big Picture” when buying!

Buying a house is likely the single-most expensive purchase you’ll ever make. Looking at houses is exciting and it’s easy to believe that when you step into the “right” house, you’ll “just know” it’s the one for you! Back to reality. Very rarely do buyers walk into a house to hear trumpets playing and angels