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Selling with Pets

  One of the most common conundrums that sellers face is how they should handle showings if they have pets.  Selling with pets doesn’t have to be a headache! Read on for my tips on how to do it successfully. First Things First Pet Beds Before worrying about how you’ll keep your cat from escaping
Selling Tip #3

Selling Your Home Tip #3: No Vacancy

  I’ve discussed decluttering and staging a home in preparation for selling it.  Both of these are crucial for selling a home while you still live in it.  But what if you’ve already moved out?  Some sellers believe their home will sell better if it’s empty.  Clutter and home furnishings won’t distract a buyer—the house is
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Selling Your Home Tip #2: Staging

  If you read my last blog and declutter your house in preparation for selling, great job!  Here is my second tip for selling your home: staging. Tidy vs. Staged Homes There’s a difference between a tidy house and a staged house.  Many people believe that their house is ready for its close-up, simply because they’ve put

Selling Your Home Tip #1: Declutter

  Overwhelmingly, when Jeff and I meet with potential sellers, they want to know how to sell for the most money WITHOUT spending a fortune on improvements.  It’s a great question and has a simple answer: get rid of stuff.  It is crucial to declutter your home when selling.   Declutter with KonMari Organizing maven

Jeff and the midnight chirp…

It’s happened to everyone. Daylight savings time started weeks ago and everyone said “you should change the smoke detector batteries.” The spend-thrift in me thought, “why would I recycle batteries that haven’t died yet?”
Build a new home

Building a New Home

  When we set out to build a new home, I wanted to incorporate a few specific things because I knew that adding them later would be expensive.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when building a new home.

“Do you work a lot in this area?”

    It’s a question we’re asked by many potential sellers when we first meet them.  The question is a valid one but shouldn’t be the only factor when choosing a real estate agent.  Here are some other important questions for potential agents.